Female embodiment Retreat


in the mountains of Taghazout/Agadir/Morocco.

RETREAT LANGUAGE: German, English, if needed French

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced!


Let yourself be carried away by us under the starry sky of Arab-Berber nights, dip your feet in dunes of Sahara sand, and tread upon the earth of Mother Africa. Stroll through Argan forests, mountains, and valleys of the Berbers. Let your soul bathe in the coolness and roughness of the Atlantic Ocean.

This women’s retreat is something very special. It is from the heart, for your heart. Here you can completely let go, surrender to your body, your soul, and your needs. Soften, ground yourself, uplift yourself anew, just be.


the term ‘Tanz des Ostens’ translates to ‘Dance of the East’ and primarily refers to the beautiful, archaic solo dance of women from Egypt. Originally, Raqs Sharqi emerged from the people, was passed down through families, evolved into a sophisticated form of entertainment among Egyptian gypsies, and was further developed and refined in the courts and homes of the social elite.

Thus, to this day, the rural Shaábi, the urban-influenced Baladi, and the refined form of classical Sharqi coexist. Those who delve deeply into Raqs Sharqi experience it as a source of feminine power, feminine self-understanding, and feminine self-expression. Here a little impression of Erna Fröhlich dancing Baladi.


Lena’s morning sessions are a gift to your body and soul – from you to you. We create a safe space where everything can be as it is right now. From there, we intuitively give our bodies what they need. We stretch and strengthen ourselves, while also becoming soft and receptive. We breathe deeply and recharge, chant together, and Lena definitely brings her therapeutic singing bowls, which with their sounds effortlessly dissolve any blockages in your body that are ready to release. You can’t start the day any better.





“I feel infinite gratitude that you exist and what beautiful people you attract and connect. You yourself radiate such freedom and strength and at the same time you care warmly for the people around you. I have learned so much these days and wish you lots of strength and energy for everything that is yet to come! It’s so nice that you exist! See you next time! Inshallah!”


“Dear Lena ,

I am very happy to have experienced such a wonderful retreat in Morocco together with you and the other great girls. I learned during this trip that it is not bad to let go of things and try new things like yoga :).

I am grateful for all the beautiful moments and that you showed me a completely different Morocco than the one I got to know 20 years ago.
The people here are just so lovely and helpful and even if you don’t always speak the same language, you can tell from their friendly looks that you are welcome. All the encounters and experiences such as drinking tea with Sheriff at the campfire on the beach, sand boarding in the dunes, riding out together, as well as the trip with Mohamed to Paradise Valley, make our friendship even more valuable and make my heart glow.

Thank you for being an energetic woman with all your ideas and dreams and for having such a great man by your side. Together you are such a great, unbeatable team. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us so closely.

Love to you”


“Your open heart and cheerfulness impress me very much. I am very grateful for your input and the different ways to deal with his life.
You are an asset to my life!”


“What I want to tell you is far and wide! Full of trust and love in my heart, you are my soul sister! Take good care of yourself!”


“I rejoice that you have healed my jar and I am grateful that you have taught me where the source is within me to fill myself up.”


“From the first moment one feels well taken care of by your loving charisma and your empathetic manner and one has the feeling of finally being heard and understood. Already within three weeks I have learned more about myself, as the whole life. I can only recommend the coaching with Lena! Thank you for what you do, your being and your love for people.”


“The time with you, dear Lena, was just wonderful! I enjoyed this week in Morocco so much and it has shaped me. I think of it very often and with much love. Next time I will be very happy to be there again!”


“Thank you for showing me what I can do for myself. Thanks that I can be so open with you.”


“Lena’s teaching style is clear and direct and she is excellent at teaching strong, spiritually based yoga. She will help you find that connection that you have been looking for.”


“I just loved Lenas African dance class. It was an amazing, grounding and energizing experience for me. Lenas Energy when dancing was so alive and infectious and I can definitely recommend her class to anybody!!


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great coaching! It was again very eye and heart opening and has brought me a big piece further to myself. I am totally impressed how you managed to create such a great energy in the group. I felt totally comfortable and that made it easy for me to open up. Thank you very much”


“Thank you so much for inspiring me to let out my free spirit, for supporting me to trust in something bigger than we are and also to trust myself. Thanks for your wonderful being & to show me how life can look like on such an authentic and nice way you a re living it. Thanks for helping me to grow, to understand things, to get new ideas ad to change things in life. Lots of love!”


“Dear Lena, the world would be very quiet if you did not exist. I was strengthened by you to defend my needs and to listen to them.  I also admire your partnership with Mohamed, because together you just bubble with love and give it to others. Good people are what the world needs!”


“Dear Lena, your coaching on the topic -saying no- touched me very much. You have a zest for life that inspires me again and again. It was well structured and at the same time thanks to the small group size enough time for personal exchange. From this coaching I take away new insights about myself and my communication. Thank you for your time and energy.”


“The coaching sessions with Lena are simply a wonderful and provide helpful food for thought on how to stop getting in your own way and break out of previously unconscious habits.”


“What a power woman! What a charisma! With her wealth of experience and through her wisdom, Lena knows immediately where your triggers are.”


“I was amazed at what I could do the first time I tried yoga with Lena. She is simply amazing.”


“I am so grateful to you for the coaching sessions as so many things have cleared up in me. It is always uncomfortable to deal with yourself. The coaching sessions with you have done so much good and I have taken so much with me.”


“Lena, you changed my life, now I want to take care of myself.”


“Lena adds the soul to the movement!”


“That was the best Yoga I ever experienced”


“Lena’s “free your soul retreat”, was definitely one of the best things I have ever done to myself! A true gift to practice Yoga alongside with Lena, who has profound knowledge and knows exactly what she is teaching. With her passion, her kind heart and her openness she created an atmosphere full of trust, love, joy and happiness.”

“Thank you so much for the retreat, great yoga morning sessions, African dances and insightful workshops- you splashed us with intensive moments blessed with your energy!”

“Lena has the greatest energy, spirit, personality and husband. I had the best time with the perfect mix of organized lessons, spontaneous trips and free time with and without Lena. The yoga lessons were a perfect combination of strength, stretching and relaxation and held in the nicest locations! The workshops were super useful and the whole atmosphere made me feel like I’ve known Lena, Mohamed and the other participants for years instead of just a few days! Thank you Lena!”


“Lena, you changed my life, now I want to take care of myself.”


“I thank the universe for bringing us together. You filled my heart in a time of emptiness and uncertainty. You shine from within and I am grateful to have received and carried some of that light with me. To illuminate my new path a little:) I very much hope to see you again! Feel hugged and loved”


“You created a wonderful space where we could just be. Thank you for the authentic Morocco experience and for everything you have to give!”


“It’s the first time in my life, that something touched me so deeply doing Yoga. I am forever grateful for these classes.”



After completing her training in organic gymnastics, expressive and modern dance, Erna discovered oriental dance nearly 40 years ago. It has never let her go since. In her teaching, Erna transforms Raqs Sharqi dance into a language of feminine self-expression. She teaches to dance ‘from within’ and to let this dance become a source of endless inspiration and strength.

Erna herself flows like water. This is your chance to flow with her into your own stream of life.


As a former TV journalist caught in the cycle of productivity, she found her way back to her body and soul through her training as a yoga teacher in 2013 and, since 2016, also in Reiki, African dance, and especially Raqs Sharki dance. With training from Eckhart Tolle and in Nonviolent Communication, she has been offering retreats and online coaching since 2019. For the past 8 years, she has been a student of Erna Fröhlich, Liza Wedgewood, and Sylvianne Capell, and it is her greatest joy to organize this retreat together with Erna in her chosen home of Morocco. Lena is pure joy and loves to share it with you.


Our beautiful traditional Riad Dar Sarah is our home for the week. Recently opened by Saida Biling, a Moroccan who has lived in Germany for many years, this guesthouse is a gem in the heart of Morocco.

Saida loves decoration and cooking. At Riad Dar Sarah, you’ll discover new little details from the African continent time and time again. Whether from the pool, the cozy rooftop terrace, or in your snug bed, Saida’s cuisine will break your heart when you have to leave. Whether meat, fish, vegetarian, or vegan, Saida is creative and always puts love into her cooking. For her, there’s nothing better than making her guests full and happy with healthy and hearty food.

Riad Dar Sarah is located in the midst of a sleepy little Berber village, overlooking the mountains and the sea just a 10-minute drive and approximately 30 minutes walk away. The nature invites you to new walks time and time again, and the local women are delighted to have a chat with you, even if it’s just with hands and feet. To get to the sea, you simply stand by the road, and practically anyone going down the hill will give you a lift down, and it works the same way going up.

At the bottom of the hill lies the famous surfer town of Taghazout, with chic restaurants and souvenir shops.

However, we also have two kiosks in the village that provide you with drinks and snacks, as well as a hammam right across the street. We’ll take a trip there, but you can also order a massage at any time.

“This retreat is your gift to yourself and has the potential to profoundly change your life.”

We can’t wait to spend an unforgettable time together.

Erna & Lena



  • Rough schedule for the week:

    February 2nd

    6:00 PM Dinner
    Get acquainted
    7:00 PM First cozy dance session

    February 3rd

    8:00 AM Starting the day with Lena
    Light yoga/meditation
    9:00-10:00 AM Breakfast
    10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Dance session
    Free time until late afternoon
    (Possible leisure activities – see below)
    5:00 PM Dance session
    7:30 PM Dinner

    February 4th

    8:00 AM Starting the day with Lena
    Light yoga/meditation
    9:30 AM Breakfast
    Free time until late afternoon
    (Possible leisure activities – see below)
    Dance session around 5:00 PM
    Dinner at 7:30 PM
    Dance evening with bonfire and live music

    February 5th

    4:30 PM Departure for surprise evening!!!
    We’ll bring snacks and tea
    Late dinner upon return around 9:00 PM at the Riad

    February 6th

    8:00 AM Starting the day with Lena
    Light yoga/meditation
    9:00-10:00 AM Breakfast
    10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Dance session
    1:30 PM Traditional hammam experience at the family-run hammam across the street
    (You’ll need a towel, swimwear, soap, and shampoo)
    Massages can be booked in advance with Lena.
    5:30 PM Gentle dance session around
    7:30 PM Dinner

    February 7th

    7:30 AM African dance with Lena to warm up for the sound healing with Tomoko,
    an incredible woman and close friend of Lena, living in the Moroccan desert
    9:30 AM Breakfast
    Free time
    3:00 PM Henna ceremony
    5:00 PM Dance session
    7:30 PM Dinner
    Gnawa live music evening with dance opportunity

    February 8th

    8:00 AM Starting the day with Lena
    Light yoga/meditation
    9:00-10:00 AM Breakfast
    Check out
    10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Closing dance session


    You can also book our program in combination with coaching.
    The coaching sessions are 1.5 hours and take place in the afternoon in a protected environment.
    Otherwise, free time is available to:
    do nothing, be by the pool, stroll through the village, take short walks or hikes around the Riad, go to the sea,
    or book an additional activity (see below).




– Coaching based on Eckhart Tolle and Nonviolent Communication with Lena
– Private dance lesson with Erna
– “Female Photoshoot” on the beach or in the mountains with Lena. Here are some impressions.
– Surfing lessons, including surfboard and wetsuit
– Guided hiking tour
– Moroccan cooking class
– Massages
– Camel or horse riding excursion
– Trip to Essaouira
– Souss-Massa National Park
– Guided hike




Condor Flights are available at incredibly affordable prices, ranging from 80 to 150 euros per one-way trip. Direct flights from Munich and Hamburg to Agadir are offered.

How do I get from the airport to the retreat?

Taxi Agadir Airport/Riad Dar Sarah (approx. 45 minutes) 30 euros per trip
Taxi Marrakech Airport/Riad Dar Sarah (approx. 3.5 hours) 120 euros per trip
(Let us know where and when you arrive, and we can book your transportation for you)
If you’d like to book additional nights before or after the retreat, please let us know :)



When booking, a 200 euro deposit is required, which will be deducted from the seminar costs. The remaining amount must be paid in advance up to two weeks before departure. There is a 10 percent cancellation fee up to 8 weeks before the seminar begins, 20 percent up to 6 weeks before the seminar begins, 30 percent up to 4 weeks before the seminar begins, 50 percent up to two weeks before the seminar begins, and 90 percent for cancellation up to 1 day before the seminar begins.
If the seminar cannot take place on the desired date from our side, we will offer you an alternative date. If you are unable to attend this date, we will refund your money.